Onsite/In-Home Service

In home service starting at $19.95 per 1/4 hour plus trip charge.

Yes that's right, service at your location for as low as $19.95. per 1/4 hour.

What's more important - Economy or Convenience? Most people opt for economy, I do. In today's economy I try to save money any way I can and with two locations to serve you, a Computer Hospital repair center is not far.

In shop service is not only less expensive, it's the best way to handle most computer problems especially if the system is in need of diagnostics. Most computer repair takes a great deal of passive time, time where the technician is waiting on the computer to finish a routine - so why pay a technician to watch your computer?

But wait, The Computer Hospital has alternatives, not only do we offer low onsite rates, but we also have pickup/drop-off, remote support and telephone support. Many problems can be handled without a technician coming to your house.

If the work does require that a technician comes to your location for whatever reason, such as DSL setup, a wireless network or whatever the case may be, The Computer Hospital has onsite rates starting as low as $79.00/hr. plus trip charge.

Beware, on-site repairs typically run 2 to 3 times the price of a shop based repair. Most computer geeks and computer gurus don’t even have a shop, so they only offer on-site service. So while onsite service sounds good in theory it is not the best way to fix most problems. Call The Computer Hospital to discuss your options and Let Us Help You Save Money.



  • Are your files backed up?

  • What were you doing that caused the computer problems?

  • Is your computer protected against infections?

  • How old is your computer?

  • Is the computer for business or personal use?