Windows Install or Upgrade

Are you ready for a fresh start for your computer or to upgrade it to the newest version of windows?

A clean start is sometimes the only way to relieve the paranoia of whether or not your computer has problems/virus's. It can also save countless hours searching for a single problem and allow you to have a working computer back in a very short time. When you drop a computer off for repair, the technicians have to find the exact problem in a very large haystack. This is why your computer repair can sometimes take as little as 24 hours and as long as 3 days. When you have your Windows® reinstalled on your computer it can relieve the technicians of having to find the exact problem.

The Computer Hospital offers several Microsoft Windows® solutions, including Windows® Repair, Windows® Install, and Windows® Upgrade. With a Windows® Reinstall we will reinstall Windows® on your current computer and get you a fresh start on that computer. This is ideal when you have a major issue with your Windows operating system and want to save time on having it repaired. Just remember to have your files backed up or have a technician back up your files for you. The benefits of a Windows Reinstallation are that your computer will run like it did when you first purchased it, as long as you dont have any hardware issues.

Another service we offer is the installation of a new copy of Windows® on a new computer or computer with a older copy of Windows that can not be upgraded. This can be troublesome sometimes due to the reason of your computer hardware has to be setup to work with the Windows operating system. If they are not setup properly, it can cause severe problems with your computer or even not let your computer boot into Windows at all.

Finally, we can upgrade your current copy of Windows to a new version of Windows® and set everything up to work properly with it. Most upgrades can make your computer run smoother and give you the newest features of your operating system. The Computer Hospital does all of these services at an affordable price as well. Our computer services begin as low as $49.


  • Are your files backed up?

  • What were you doing that caused the computer problems?

  • Is your computer protected against infections?

  • How old is your computer?

  • Is the computer for business or personal use?