Premium Tech Support - Remote Support/Telephone Support

The Computer Hospital now offers premium tech support service over the phone or via the internet. No matter what your problem, no matter where you are, our team of dedicated experts are just a phone call away. As long as you have access to a phone and an internet connection our team of highly trained experts can connect to your computer and fix just about any problem, answer questions, or teach you hwo to use your computer..

Whatever your PC problem, our experts have seen it all and fix them. Below is just a small sample of what we can help you with.

  • Startup & Boot Problems

  • Blue Screens & Errors

  • Computer Freezing Up

  • Windows Updates

  • Reinstalling Windows

  • Upgrading to Windows 8/7

  • Digital Camera Support

  • Network Setup / Support

  • Wifi Setup / Support

  • PDA Support

  • Office, Word, and Excel Help

  • Email Setup & Problems

  • Antivirus Removal

  • Malware Removal

  • Problems with Pop-ups

  • Firewall Setup

  • Internet Connections & Setup

  • Unable to Browse Websites

  • Printer Support

  • Mac and OS X Support

  • iPhone Support

  • iPod Support

  • Burning DVD's or CD's



  • Are your files backed up?

  • What were you doing that caused the computer problems?

  • Is your computer protected against infections?

  • How old is your computer?

  • Is the computer for business or personal use?