Nuclear - $49.95
Computer Reload

Internet Special

Reload your operating system.

Good - $99
Computer Cleanup

Remove malware / virus clean utilities to remove and clean operating system

Better - $119
Computer Cleanup & Backup

  • Perform Insurance Backup
  • Run Full Diagnostics
  • Remove malware / virus clean utilities to remove and clean operating system

Best - $149
Computer Cleanup, Backup and Optimization

  • Perform Insurance Backup
  • Remove malware / virus clean
  • Make computer run
  • Got Viruses !!! / Get Help!!!

    The Computer Hospital offers virus repair starting at $49.95.

    And while this option is not always the best solutions for everyone it is a guaranteed quick way to get your system running like brand new.

    For those who want to keep their Windows and data intact, we offer three other virus cleanup / malware remediation packages to help you with your virus repair problem. Our most popular is a multipoint system malware scan & cleanup for just $99.00 - to learn more about each package, just click the descriptions above for more information.

    Wait !!!These days everything gets blamed on viruses so before we start we also provide Free Diagnositics a complimentary system blowout along with a 10 point visual system inspection including capacitors, power supply, cooling system components, and fans.

    We are malware specialists; "Virus cleanup" is Job 1". And we take our work seriously. We don't short change our clients in time or effort to clean a system. And while you might be tempted to think, well heck I can run a virus scan for a lot less than that, it isn't just virus' these days, it's all the others - viruses, Trojans, BHOs (browser high jackers), rootkits and bootkits. One virus cleaner or malware cleaner just can't do the job anymore these days especially after your system has been compromised.

    So trust you system to the professionals at The Computer Hospital, BBB Gold and Angie's List Super Service award winners.